About Us

About Us

Since 1996 TinToys.com has been your online source for collectible and affordable tin toys.

Have you ever seen toys like these? They are not available in the mass merchants and mall stores of today. Some are entirely new designs and some are created from old toys that have been purchased as antiques. Either way it takes the knowledge of special engineers to recreate toys using the materials and techniques from years ago. We are pleased to bring back these modern day versions of classic toys for all to appreciate.

We hope you share our passion for collecting these great tin toys and introduce them to your friends and family. There is something captivating about toys that aren’t made of plastic and dot need electronics to operate. It is amazing to watch the intricate mechanisms that drive these toys. Can you imagine? A toy that operates using a spring and clockworks! All it takes is a few turns of the wind-up key and off they go.

And we haven’t even mentioned how beautiful their stamped metal bodies and shiny color-lithographed shapes will look sitting on your book shelf.

So come on in and enjoy. And visit often to see what’s new.


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